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June 15, 2017
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Sangre AgroTech Cannabis Genomic Study Underway

WEED, Inc.’s New Acquisition, Sangre AgroTech, Conducts Ground-Breaking Cannabis Research

TUCSON, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2017 / WEED, Inc. (OTC PINK: BUDZ) (the “Company,” or ” WEED”), fka United Mines, Inc., a current alternative reporting public company, announced that its recent acquisition, Sangre AT, LLC (dba “Sangre AgroTech”), is underway with its Cannabis Genomic Study to complete a global genomic classification of the Cannabis plant genus.

Dr. Patrick Williams and members of his genomics team have initiated whole genome sequencing of a chosen set of landrace cannabis strains. Dr. Williams stated, “After more than 40 years of underground breeding programs, the genetic integrity of cannabis is questionable and consumer confidence is at an all-time low. Sangre AgroTech (SA) plans to use a gene-based breeding program to root out inferior strains and replace them with fully-validated and patentable strains which produce consistent plant products for the medicinal marijuana market. Under our current plans, our unique genomic data-driven cloning program will improve strains and introduce integrity, stability, and quality to the market.” Dr. Williams identified a number of Sangre AgroTech’s goals, including accelerated and optimized growth rates (modern genomic resources will enhance traditional breeding methods); generation of new strains, accelerating and perfecting the art of selective breeding; provide the ability to assay for specific genes within the crop, which is critical to strain tracking and market quality assurance; and improve disease and drought resistance of the cannabis plant.

Sangre AgroTech’s genomic data-driven cloning program should facilitate and accelerate:

  • Improved therapeutic properties, i.e., increased THC and CBD concentration and production of specific classes of oils and terpenes to develop new therapies for chronic pain, epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, chronic head injury, Crohn’s disease, and others
  • Enhanced opportunities for new drug discovery
  • Accelerated breeding of super-strains: drought, pest, mold resistant
  • Revenue generation through Sangre’s unique ability to breed and genetically fingerprint new, super-strains; establish strong patent protection; and provide these strains to the market at a favorable cost and royalty basis

Mary Williams, Sangre AgroTech’s VP of Operations & Marketing, stated, “The estimated market value of the fully annotated cannabis genome data is in excess of $100 million (, based on 2015 estimates. That figure may be much higher now. According to The Arcview Group’s Market Research report issued in 2017, North American marijuana sales grew by an unprecedented 30% in 2016 to $6.7 billion as the legal market expanded in the U.S. and Canada. Sales are projected to top $20.2 billion by 2021 assuming a compound annual growth rate of 25%. Forbes Magazine stated this industry growth is larger and faster than even the dot-com era, which saw GDP grow at the astonishing pace of 22%. 30% growth is all the more astonishing, considering this industry is arguably still in its infancy. And now, according to a new research study published by Ameri Research, the global legal marijuana market size is projected to be worth $63.5 billion by 2024. In light of these projections, we feel Sangre AgroTech is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this extraordinary growth, specifically in the medical marijuana sector.”

Glenn E. Martin, WEED’s Co-Founder and CEO, explained, “Sangre AgroTech is dedicated to the medical Cannabis industry, and is focused on developing the required scientifically-valid and evidence-based cannabis strains for the production of disease-specific medicines. We are committed to finding treatments and medical cures utilizing the Cannabaceae plant family.”

Sangre AgroTech’s world-respected team provides decades of expertise and innovation in the fields of genetics, plant biology, plant pathology, phytoecology, and sustainable and environmentally sound agricultural practices. Using annotated genomic data and newly generated phenotypic data, Sangre AgroTech plans to identify and isolate regions of the genome related to growth, synthesis of desired molecules, drought and pest resistance. This complex data set will be utilized in a breeding program to generate and establish new hybrid cultivars which exemplify the traits desired by the medical community.

Dr. Patrick Williams stated, “A comprehensive understanding of the annotated genome of a diverse variety of cannabis strains will provide the blueprints for the development of significant medicinal products for the treatment of human diseases such as pediatric brain cancer, PTSD, epilepsy, chronic pain, and Crohn’s disease.”

About WEED, Inc.

WEED, Inc. (OTC PINK: BUDZ) is a USA-based alternative reporting public company. WEED Inc. is a multi-national, multi-faceted, vertically-integrated world class Cannabis organization. WEED is structured as a holding company doing business through its divisions, wholly-owned subsidiaries, and strategically placed collaborative partners to achieve and promote our global brand. WEED is dedicated to its global goals and outreach across the full spectrum of the Cannabis industry to find treatments and medical cures utilizing the Cannabaceae plant family. WEED does not grow, harvest, produce, or sell any substance in violation of US Federal law under The Federal Controlled Substances Act, and meets all standards of international law for WEED, Inc. subsidiaries in foreign locations. For additional information about WEED, Inc., please visit

About Sangre AT, LLC

Sangre AT, LLC (dba “Sangre AgroTech”) is a plant genomic research and breeding company comprised of top-echelon scientists with extensive expertise in genomic sequencing, genetics-based breeding, plant tissue culture, and plant biochemistry, utilizing the most advanced sequencing and analytical technologies and proprietary bioinformatics data systems available. For additional information about Sangre AgroTech, please visit

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Glenn E. Martin at (520) 818-8582


Source: Accesswire IA (June 15, 2017 – 2:58 PM EDT)

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